Individual abutment for Dentsply® – Xive® S


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Individual abutment for Dentsply® – Xive® S made of titanium grade 5. Make use of the possibilities to produce abutments individually for each patient.

The individual abutments are milled based on your CAD data. We use the CE certified milling blanks from Heliocos.

Use the Scanbody Dentsply® – Xive® S and CAD libraries from Heliocos to get an optimal result. We deliver the individual abutments to you non-sterile, so you should follow the instructions for reprocessing Heliocos in the instructions for use (Heliocos Downloads).

An individual abutment is delivered as a set with a definite abutment screw. The abutment screw is also made from a titanium alloy. You can continue to use your original instruments or instruments from Heliocos (hex screwdriver).

We pack the individual abutments individually and attach patient labels to them. You can therefore easily assign the abutments.

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3,4, 3,8, 4,5, 5,5


Titanium Grade 5