Lab analogue for Dentsply® – Xive® S


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Discount From 10 pieces unit price € 9.00. From 30 pieces unit price € 8.00


Laboratory analogue suitable for Dentsply® – Xive® S abutments. The analogs are color-coded, so you can easily differentiate and assign the products. Each laboratory analog is 12 mm long, which makes it easier for you to use.

All laboratory analogs are made from a titanium alloy. The color coding corresponds to that of Dentsply® – Xive® S.

Take advantage of the attractive price-performance ratio of the Heliocos Analogs, which is why we offer graduated prices. In a pack of 10 the laboratory analog costs EUR 9 each, in a pack of 30 the laboratory analog costs EUR 8 each.

Use the laboratory analogs suitable for Dentsply® – Xive® S also for printed models. To do this, download our libraries. Download the libraries for your digital workflow from Heliocos (Heliocos Downloads).

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3,4, 3,8, 4,5 / 5,5


Titanium Grade 5