Healing abutment for Dentsply® – Xive® S


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Gingiva former suitable for Dentsply® – Xive® S implants. The healing caps have a conical shape, which then merges into a cylindrical shape. So that you can easily distinguish the products, they are laser-marked. The laser marking gives you information about the implant system, the platform and the gingival height. You can choose from different gingival heights, depending on the patient’s situation.

The healing caps are made from a titanium alloy. This gives them excellent biocompatibility.

Tighten the parts only hand-tight. If you still want to use an instrument, you can use the original instruments. Otherwise, simply use the Heliocos instruments (Torx® driver).

The healing caps are delivered non-sterile. Please refer to the Heliocos instructions in the instructions for use (Heliocos Downloads).

Additional information


3.4, 3.8, 4.5, 5.5

Gingiva height

3, 4, 5


Titanium Grade 5

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