Multi-Unit Abutment for Conelog®


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Multi-unit abutment for screw-retained bars suitable for Conelog® with cross-platform chimney design. You can supply different implant systems with the multi-unit abutments from Heliocos. You can also choose from different gingival heights. A great price-performance ratio including a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The multi-unit abutments are made from a titanium alloy. Therefore, they have proven biocompatibility and excellent mechanical strength. The multi-unit abutments are designed with a short cone. Therefore, they can also be used when there is less space. The All-on-4® principle inspired us during the construction.

You can choose from an extensive range of tertiary parts for multi-unit abutments. Use the CAD / CAM process chain (titanium base multi-unit) or a conventional workflow (titanium cap multi-unit).

The Heliocos libraries offer you maximum freedom in designing screwed bars. Either you design your work on titanium bases or on a directly screwed solution. With Heliocos, the choice is yours. You can conveniently download the libraries from the Heliocos website (Heliocos Downloads).

We recommend that you perform the scan and impression at the abutment level. This simplifies the CAD / CAM process. We deliver the multi-unit abutments with a practical insertion aid. This allows you to advertise them easily. The parts are delivered non-sterile. Please refer to the Heliocos instructions in the instructions for use (Heliocos Downloads). Use the multi-unit insertion tool for easy insertion of the multi-unit abutments.

Additional information


3.8 / 4.3, 5.0


0°, 17°, 30°

Gingiva height

1, 2.5, 4


Titanium Grade 5

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