Heli-Loc Abutment for Camlog® – Conelog®


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Heli-Loc Abutment for removable overdentures for Camlog® – Conelog®. You can restore partial and full dentures with the Heli-Loc abutments. The design of the Heli-Loc abutment corresponds to the design of the Classic Locator® and the Kerator®. The Heliocos abutments are characterized by high-precision implant connections. That is why we give a 30-year manufacturer guarantee on the Heli-Loc abutments.

The Heli-Loc abutments have a very hard and biocompatible TiN coating, which has already proven itself over many years. The overdenture abutment is made of a titanium alloy, which also has excellent biocompatibility. The proven design allows you to use the implants even with strong implant angulation – up to 40 ° – and with limited occlusal space

You can continue to use the Classic Locator® or Kerator® retention elements. You can continue to use your existing insertion instruments with triangular connection or use the Heliocos Heli-Loc insertion instrument, which is very convenient to use with its 18 mm length. The Heli-Loc abutments are offered in different heights.

Heliocos offers you different retention elements with withdrawal forces from 0.6 kg to 1.8 kg. You can choose between retention elements with or without a pin, so that you can compensate for implant angulations of up to 40 °.

Please note the instructions from Heliocos in the instructions for use (Heliocos Downloads).

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3.8 / 4.3

Gingiva height

1, 2, 3, 4


Titanium Grade 5

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