Cover cap Multi-Unit


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Cover caps for multi-unit abutments. The cover caps are cylindrical in shape. The cover caps are available with different instrument connections

Hex 1,01 = Ankylos®

Hex 1,22 = Xive® S

Hex 1,26 = Zimmer®, Camlog®, Astra Tech®

Torx® T6 = Straumann®

Unigrip = Nobel Biocare®.

The cover caps are made from a titanium alloy. This gives them excellent biocompatibility.

Tighten the parts only hand-tight. If you still want to use an instrument, you can use the original instruments. Otherwise, simply use the Heliocos instruments (screwing instrument).

The cover caps are delivered non-sterile. Please refer to the Heliocos instructions in the instructions for use (Heliocos Downloads).

Additional information

Connection instrument

Hex 1.01, Hex 1.22, Hex 1.26, Torx® T6, UniGrip


Titanium Grade 5