Scanbody for Ankylos®


Scanbody with a coated surface and laser marking for scanning incl. an abutment screw compatible with Dentsply® – Ankylos®. The scanbody is delivered non-sterile and can be reprocessed.

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Scanbody suitable for Dentsply® – Ankylos®. The scanbody is made of grade 4 titanium and has a special anodization.

You can reprocess the scanbody as often as you like. Because the scanbody is delivered non-sterile, it must be prepared before use. Please observe the Heliocos instructions in the instructions for use (Heliocos Downloads).

You receive the scanbody as a set with a definitive abutment screw, which is also made of a titanium alloy. You can continue to use your original instruments or you can use the instruments from Helioco’s Hex Driver.

Please note the availability of the Heliocos libraries in the CAD / CAM process chain. You can download the libraries from the Heliocos website (Heliocos Downloads). Find out more about the available libraries and requirements for the CAD / CAM process chain in our blog post (Heliocos blog).

If you want to create individual abutments, you should use our scan bodies. Regardless of whether you want to make one-piece individual abutments or occlusally screwed crowns.

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Titanium Grade 4